BACARS bodyboarding

2019 / 5 / 25

Are you ready for a big hit?

A "typhoon" is a large low pressure system, originating over the Northwest Pacific Ocean. Also typhoons are known as hurricanes which accompanied by strong winds of up to around 200 km/h, and rise the sea level with creating huge waves to the shore.
About 30 typhoons form each year hit the island of Japan.

We all know typhoon is annoying natural disasters and this takes human life...But you know, some of bodyboarders are always challenging and attacking. They occur the most frequently around the end of summer, so you should be ready for the big hit.

2019 / 2 / 1

Riding small wave improves your skill.

Usually in Japan, waves are small with no power...if you look for a wave with power, go and hit Halfpoint at SandyBeach! This place is the perfect for riding small powerful waves!

2019 / 1 / 31

Edit of visiting to SandyBeach, Hawaii.

Begining of the year 2019, Shingo Uematsu (a pro licenced bodyboarder in Japan) visited a world famous place for bodyboarder called HalfPoint, SandyBeach.
He stayed in Honolulu, Oahu, for about a week with his Canon 7D, Gopro and MacBook.
His edit was uploaded on Youtube, and you can also watch the video from the screen on this top!